Mission & Goals

The Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce will work to strengthen our mission to provide leadership to unify community action that enhances the business environment and the quality of life of the Mitchell area by implementing the following key priorities in the 2013-2014 fiscal year:



Member Engagement

Strengthen our relationships with members by increasing interaction, communications and providing education on issues affecting members. 

·      Build and expand chamber message to members;

·      Advance membership relations through attendance at members events and chamber events;

·      Visit with members to determine their business needs from the Chamber;

·      Increase communication with Member sub-sets & larger community;

·      Create Member Services Committee.


Leadership Development
Develop programs that inform and cultivate the next generation of Chamber and community leaders.

·     Promote involvement among Chamber member business employees at Chamber events;

·     Recruit board participation from underserved sectors of the membership;

·     Encourage committee participation from board member businesses;

·     Mentor network of young professionals;

·     Enhance the Leadership Mitchell program.


Organization Enhancement      
Evaluate current and potential Chamber events, programs, and committees to meet the needs of membership.

·     Foster a revitalized vision and mission for the Chamber;

·     Build Chamber image within the community;

·     Enhance committees missions and programs of work;

·     Review and update organization bylaws;

·     Assess best use of Happy Chef property in terms of Development/ Chamber/CVB.


Community Development
Advocate community successes; supporting issues and opportunities that improve our community’s quality of life to further the growth and development of our area.

·      Evaluate community image;

·      Champion Corn Palace Area Development;

·      Assist businesses in workforce recruitment and development;

·      Continue cross-community/organizational efforts to ensure growth and development;

·      Support Mitchell Main Street & Beyond Streetscape Vision;

·      Clarify and promote a community brand identity.