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    Mitchell, South Dakota–Outside Expectations

    Patience, Planning and Ambassadors needed with new brand

    I couldn’t agree more with The Daily Republics Our View section published on Wednesday, June 17.

    Here is a copy of the link to view the story.

    A brand is the foundation that helps to make a place desirable as a business location, visitor destination or a place to call home. Development of a brand strategy for a city leverages the features of that place to provide a relevant and compelling promise to a target audience.

    Most of us think of brands in terms of qualities or attributes, a promise or some kind of story. That one simple perception can have a major impact on your decision to live, visit, do business or even relocate there.

    A brand is not an ad campaign or a tagline; rather, the branding strategy is a deeper, more emotionally shared vision that influences actions. The branding initiative serves as a hub to carry us as a united front for the next decade and beyond.

    Patience and planning are needed with the new brand and Ambassadors. As we move forward with the new brand, we are putting in place proper plans to ensure long term success; this is where you come in as a Mitchell Ambassador.

    To ensure long term success we need Mitchell ambassadors. We need you; your support will harmonize with our efforts in the community.  We all need to speak with a single voice—universally using our new tag-line, logo and messaging. 

    Fill in the blank: What Happens in Vegas, _____________. This is the same top of mind awareness we want to create with our new community.

    Please help us fully embrace the new brand and apply it with your own creativity — use the logo, colors, themes, etc. on your own marketing, signs, kiosks, websites, etc.  Use this link to download the new community brand logo, tagline, messaging and standards guide.

    We encourage you to spread the new brand as far and wide as you can as ambassadors of our community.  The unified brand of Mitchell will come alive as we, the community members, use it and share it.

    Mitchell is unique and surprising. Outdoor recreation and natural beauty are key parts of Mitchell’s identity. It is an outstanding community whose residents outthink, outproduce and outperform.