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    Tune up Your Business with a Six Month Review

    Can you believe 2015 is already half-way over? We many not want to even THINK about the winter months coming, but they aren’t that far away! And with winter comes the end of the year and a time when you probably will reflect on how your business has done this year and what you have accomplished. Well, instead of waiting until the end of the year, take this month to check-in with your business plan, your business goals and your personal goals. Reflect on what you have accomplished and what you still want to accomplish before 2016 arrives at your doorstep – and make changes to make sure you reach those goals by December 31st!

    As a Chamber, we also set goals to push ourselves to offer quality programs and events to our members and be able to enhance the business community. So today I’d like to take a moment and share with you the many things we have accomplished in the past 6 months with a few teasers of what the next 6 have in store.

    Annual Banquet: Wow! We packed the house again this year and for a second time welcomed Governor Dennis Daugaard to speak to the crowd. We added live music and extended the social hour before dinner and awards. The evening wrapped up with dueling guitars entertainment.

    2015 Health Fair: We changed up the Health Fair this year and held it in April instead of January/February – and we think it was great! The weather was much nicer and there are so many activities we can help families start getting ready for summer like CHIPS identification, measuring for helmets, and holding a 5k/1k fun walk.

    Cracker Barrel Lunches: This year we opted to change the time of our annual Cracker Barrels from a Saturday morning to Monday during lunch. The turnout was fantastic! We were able to bring the legislators in front of more people than we have had in the past few years when it was held on a Saturday. It was great for the legislators to have a forum with more people and be able to answer questions as well as gather information to bring back to Pierre.

    Leadership Mitchell 2015: In our 29th year of offering Leadership classes to community members, we had 10 fantastic participants that engaged with the community, met leaders from a variety of industries, and learned how individuals can make a difference in Mitchell. Keep your eyes open for applications to become available for this program in October – and be a part of the 30th class in Mitchell!

    Community Brand: Working with the City of Mitchell, Mitchell Area Development Corporation, Mitchell Convention Visitors Bureau, Mitchell Mani Street & Beyond, DWU, MTI, local media, business owners and community volunteers to build a new community brand. The new brand allows us to share one unified message. “Mitchell is unique and surprising. Outdoor recreation and natural beauty are key parts of Mitchell’s identity. It is an outstanding community shoes residents outthink, outproduce and outperform.” The brand logo, tagline and messaging are available for all to use, click here for additional information.

    Chamber 101 Classes: In October we began offering monthly “Chamber 101” classes for free to any of our members. We want our members to maximize what they get out of their membership and this class has helped many members learn how to utilize our database for promoting their business and submitting stories, jobs, and events to the system for us to pass along to the rest of the membership. If you want to maximize your benefit from the Chamber, plan to attend our next class on Monday, July 20th at 12pm. You can register for the session here.

    Social Media Training: Back by popular demand, we are again offering access to trainings on a variety of social media topics that you can utilize to enhance and grow your business! There will be trainings covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, videos, blogs, and more! For detailed information on these upcoming trainings, check out the event page – or you can register for individual sessions through their links on our calendar.

    Multiple Calendars: Just recently we have updated our online calendar! We now have three separate calendars: one for Chamber organized events, one for our Member’s events, and one for general community events (including our Member’s events). This way there is a single resource people can use to see what is going on in Mitchell, while we are still able to highlight Member’s events specifically. To view our calendars, visit our Events page and select the calendar you want to view from the menu on the left. It will default to the Member’s event calendar. To submit a member event, you must submit it through your Member Information Center portal – which we can walk you through at Chamber 101!

    *Coming Soon* Tiered Membership Dues: The next generation of Chamber Membership is coming soon! We have been working tirelessly to create a better and more flexible tiered dues structure that will allow our members to select at what level of involvement they want to participate at. Over the course of the next fiscal year, Chamber staff will be visiting with EACH of our members to discuss in detail the new structure, its benefits and how you will be able to make your membership benefits and costs fit your specific business needs and interests.

    So that is what the Chamber staff has accomplished these past 6 months – with much more to be done before the end of the year! We still have 6 months before the end of the year, and I encourage you to take a minute of your time to reflect on what you have accomplished so far this year as well as what you hope to accomplish before December 31st arrives. Here are a few questions

    Have I accomplished my short-term goals for 2015?

    What accomplishments am I most proud of so far for 2015?

    What do I need to focus on in order to achieve my goals for 2015?

    What resources does the Chamber offer that may help me achieve my goals?

    I hope that you find value in reflecting back over the past 6 months to ensure the next 6 are successful! As always, we are here for you! Reach out to any of the Chamber staff and take the step to utilize your membership and the resources provided by the Chamber!

         - Sonya Moller, Chamber Director & Rebecca Zabel, Program Coordinator