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    Should you encourage your employees to volunteer?

    Many companies contribute to the community they are in because they see the greater benefits of a thriving local economy and want to give back to the community that supports them. But how much do companies typically encourage that same behavior from their employees? Does your business have an Employee Volunteer Program?

    Several studies over the years have shown when a company encourages volunteerism among their employees or even has an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) that allows them time off work to do volunteer work, that employees tend to be more engaged and less likely to leave the company. A blog post on America's Charities from January 2015 lays out how developing an EVP can address many of the reasons employees leave the workplace, costing the company money to hire and retrain new employees.

    There are many ways you can structure your EVP program including company-wide volunteer days, options to provide pro bono services, or ways in which the employee benefits from volunteering either during work hours or after work hours. Hands On Network has laid out a process for companies to consider how an EVP can fit into their values, bring value to their employees and improve the company's image.

    Whether you have an EVP or not, you can benefit from encouraging your employees to volunteer. An easy way for you to do this is let your employees know about our Service and Organization Fair on Thursday, February 4th from 4-7pm at the Highland Conference Center! We have 20 local organizations signed up to showcase their services and opportunities and meet with people to discuss possibilities for volunteering with them or even getting internships in some cases!

    We hope to see you at our Service Fair on Thursday and get your employees involved in the community!