• The Corn Palace, a favorite for this family

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    Ask Caitlyn or Lance Burrell their favorite spot to take visiting family and friends in Mitchell and they will enthusiastically tell you, “The Corn Palace.” They love its uniqueness.

    Caitlyn and Lance Burrell and their daughter Harper have lived in Mitchell for a little over a year now. Ask them what they love best about living in Mitchell and right away they will tell you, “It is definitely the people we’ve met.” Lance stated he couldn’t work for a better guy, when speaking about his boss. Then added, “Everyone was just so excited about having us here.”

    Lance first arrived in Mitchell in February and believed he had entered into the middle of a polar vortex. He was overwhelmed by the snow and cold but also the warm welcome he received from his new work family and the community.

    Hired in the winter of 2019 as the quarterback coach for the Dakota Wesleyan football team, Lance arrived in Mitchell in the dead of winter and without Caitlyn. Married for three years and nine months pregnant, Caitlyn stayed back at home in Utah with family, awaiting the birth of their daughter, Harper.

    Lance and Caitlyn both come from large families. Caitlyn has four younger brothers and Lance is the oldest of six. Baby Harper was the first grandchild for each of their families. Her birth was anticipated, celebrated and because of Lance’s living in Mitchell, scheduled around football practice.

    Lance flew back to Utah on a Friday, he and Caitlyn entered the hospital for a scheduled induction on Saturday, darling and healthy Harper was born on Sunday with Lance back in Mitchell on Tuesday for football practice at DWU.

    Lance comes from a football family and feels lucky that he is able to make his passion his career. Yet, the greatest love of his life was realized after meeting, dating and then marrying Caitlyn. They met while attending Southern Utah University where Lance earned his degree in teaching physical education and coaching.

    Lance and Caitlyn both agree that Mitchell is a wonderful place to live, raise their daughter and work. They love the people, walks by the lake, exploring small towns and of course, the World-Famous Corn Palace.