• GBR- .5 FTE ELL Instructor

    Mitchell School District 17-2
    Job Description

    ENL Personnel Responsibilities

    ENL personnel, employed by the Mitchell School District, should carry

    out their responsibilities according to the program procedures included in this guide.

    Program Responsibilities:

    • Maintain student cumulative (LAPs, Home Language Surveys, monitoring language

    acquisition growth forms, and ACCESS data)

    • Review Home Language Surveys to indicate ENL screening assessment.
    • Administer Access Screener and ACCESS language acquisition assessments.
    • Ensure that all ELLS participate in the alternate or system-wide assessment with or

    without accommodations.

    • Meet with team (parents, ENL personnel, core teachers, administrators) to determine

    ENL services and Language Acquisition plans.

    • Provide input for grade promotion or retention of ELLs.
    • Provide ENL program information to school personnel, parents, and community


    • Provide and explain to core/content teachers the annual ACCESS data.
    • Act as an advocate to further the education of the ELLs and program.
    • Encourage and facilitate parental involvement meetings/activities.
    • Compile ENL records for a student’s withdrawal packet.
    • Supervise assigned para-educator(s).
    • Schedule transition meetings during the 4th quarter of the school year.
    • Attend all ENL staff meetings and other relevant meetings.


    Instructional Responsibilities:

    • Utilize district curriculum to supplement instruction.
    • Collaborate with and support general education teachers to ensure that ELL is acquiring the necessary academic language to meet grade level content standards.
    • Incorporate technology into instructional planning and delivery.
    • Assess student progress regularly and adjust instruction accordingly.
    • Inform student, teachers, and parents about student progress.
    • Formally report student progress quarterly.
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