• MTI Students (Part TIme)

    Trail King Industries
    Job Description
    Description - External
    1. Follows surface preparation specifications on trailers and accessories.
    2. Follows supervisor’s instructions to select unit to work on.
    3. Handles and utilizes all material used in the area in a safe manner.
    4. Follow instructions of Trainer of work duties assigned
    5. Assist with the welding of parts and or trailers
           10.   Follow standard work and procedures.
           11.   Must adhere to all safety standard set by the company.
           12.   Must help identify waste in process or procedure to increase efficiency.
           13.   Perform other duties as assigned.
    Qualifications - External
    1. High School weld experience and/or currently enrolled in Technical School weld program
    2. Receive a trainable rating on weld evaluation or above
    3. Be mechanically inclined to operate various pieces of equipment including overhead hoists, air compressor, air tools, impact tools & forklift
    4. Ability to use Basic Math, (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
      5.   Must work in accordance with Trail King’s safety policies and procedures
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