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What is Mitchell's Community Brand?

Why Brand?
  • Go beyond a single structure
  • Schools, churches, higher ed, healthcare, sports
  • Quality of life
  • International Intelligent Community Forum
  • Speak with a single voice
  • Top of mind with potential residents, businesses and tourists
  • Reinforce Mitchell's commitment to business and residential climate
Brand Vision:
  • We maintain a high standard quality of life
  • We create possibilities for a prosperous business environment
  • We continually work to attract new residents and tourists
  • We aspire to offer the best technology
  • We provide a rewarding experience for those who make it their choice to work in, live in, learn in or visit
Brand Position:
  • We offer the best of small-town living with bigger-city possibilities
  • We strive to be on the forefront of modern advances
  • We welcome visitors and residents to enjoy some of the best extracurricular activities in the region

Mitchell Community Brand Standards

The Community Brand is available for all Mitchell businesses, community organizations, and residents to utilize as needed! Email Sonya to get the link to download the various logos. Please follow the appropriate brand standards to keep the brand and messaging consistent. If you have any questions, contact Sonya by email or by phone at 996-5567.

Click on the below links to download the corresponding logo in the specified format.

Complete Brand Standards Guide

Any time a person interacts with Mitchell, in any way - from driving down our streets, to receiving a business card, to reading a brochure, to speaking to us on the phone - they experience the Mitchell brand. They come away with a gut feeling about who we are and what it is like to visit, live in, learn in or work in our city.