The Forward 2040 Community Vision and Strategic Action Plan represents the final element in a ten-month vision and strategic planning process. The Forward 2040 vision and strategic planning process produced extensive community input and transparent, inclusive engagement that was central to the process. The comprehensive engagement and data-driven process progressively focused the discussion on emerging key themes and community aspirations for the future. The purpose of the process was to arrive at a 'point of consensus' that represented the shared vision for the future of Mitchell, SD. 

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    Forward 2040 Stakeholder Accomplishments 2022.

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     The Strategic Pillars Framework was developed at the Reconvening of the Forward 2040 Think-Tank in September 2019. The strategic action plan areas are structured around these five key strategic pillars. These are the fundamental building blocks for the future actions that support the vision. There has been a lot of progress made, but still much that is needed to be accomplished. Below you will find the pillars, task forces for each pillar, current road map and next steps for each pillar. This is a work in progress so updates will be needed and input a must from the community.