• Staff

    Meet the team at The Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Corporation!

  • Geri, CEO Geri, CEO

    Phone: 605.996.5567

    Email: Gbeck@MitchellSD.com

    Geri Beck is our Chief Executive Officer! She manages and directs the overall operations of the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Corporation.

  • Alex, Chamber Director Alex, Chamber Director

    Phone: 605.996.5567

    Email: Alex@MitchellSD.com

    Alex Heidinger is our Chamber Director. She serves as the primary staff representative for Chamber committees and coordinates and implements specific committee activities with committee members. Alex is responsible for promoting and selling the benefits, services, and programs for the Chamber, assisting with media and public relations, and helping with day-to-day operations of the office.

  • Johanna, CVB/Marketing Lead Johanna, CVB/Marketing Lead

    Phone: 605.996.5567

    Email: Johanna@MitchellSD.com

    Johanna Allen is our CVB/Marketing Lead. She is responsible for building our advertising and tourism programs, maintaining the CVB's social media platforms, and supporting the organization’s mission with communication tools and strategies that position Mitchell as a desirable visitor destination. 

  • Doreen, Community Concierge Doreen, Community Concierge

    Phone: 605.996.5567

    Email: Doreen@MitchellSD.com

    Doreen Nelson is our Community Concierge and serves as the primary contact for local employers regarding the recruitment, relocation, and retention of potential employees. She develops, coordinates, implements, and markets a community welcoming program for newcomers to the Mitchell area. 

  • Kimberly, CFO Kimberly, CFO

    Phone: 605.996.5567

    Email: Kimberly@MitchellSD.com

    Kimberly Lofgren is our Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for overseeing all financial operations of the Chamber, Development Corp, CVB, enterprise division, and MMS&B. Her duties include monitoring cash flow, meeting with the CEO and Chamber Board to discuss the best practices for company finances and coming up with strategic plans to improve overall financial health.

  •  Jennifer, Tourism Retail Director Jennifer, Tourism Retail Director

    Phone 605.996.6223

    Email: Jennifer@MitchellSD.com

    Jennifer Haddon is our Tourism Retail Director. She is responsible for managing the retail and wholesale business of the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce including the purchasing of inventory, retail merchandising, and inventory control for the Corn Palace Gift Shop and South Dakota Made Gift Shop. She hires, trains, and supervises staff for the gift shop, assists in marketing efforts for the Corn Palace, maintains and schedules bus tour groups and visitor requests for the Corn Palace, and more!

  • Troy, Gift Shop Manager Troy, Gift Shop Manager

    Phone: 605.996.1191

    Email: Troy@MitchellSD.com

    Troy Magnuson is our Gift Shop Manager. He is probably best known for his outstanding tours of the World’s Only Corn Palace, which are based on his incredible knowledge gleaned over 30+ years working in tourism in Mitchell.

  • Laurie, Director of Operations Laurie, Director of Operations

    Phone: 605.996.1140

    Email: Lcooper@MitchellSD.com

    Laurie Cooper has been our Director of Operations at the Mitchell Chamber and the Development Corporation for the past 25 years. She’s usually the first face you see when you walk in the door at 601 N. Main St.  Laurie keeps things running by managing the office, Chamber & MADC properties, property research for potential business, scheduling and sometimes, people. If you have a question – regardless of whether it’s who, what, why, where or when – Laurie probably knows the answer.

  • David, Regional Development Director David, Regional Development Director

    Phone: 605.996.1140

    Email: Dlambert@MitchellSD.com

    David Lambert is our Regional Development Director. For the last 24 years, David’s work experiences have been in the areas of community and economic development – most recently with Dakota Heartland Development Association (DHDA).  DHDA provides technical business assistance for a consortium of communities in a six-county region in South Central South Dakota under a contract-for-services through the Mitchell Area Development Corporation.

  • Mike, Workforce and Housing Development Director Mike, Workforce and Housing Development Director

    Phone: 605-996-1140

    Email: Mlauritsen@MitchellSD.com

    Mike Lauritsen is our Workforce and Housing Development Director. He is responsible for leading and coordinating initiatives aimed at enhancing workforce development and improving housing opportunities within the Mitchell Area. His role involves strategic planning, community engagement, partnership building, and program management to promote economic growth and quality housing options for the region.